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Raps Salt and Pepper Marinade 2.5KG

Raps Salt and Pepper Marinade 2.5KG


Introducing our Raps Salt and Pepper Marinade, a culinary revelation that transforms your dishes with simplicity and bold flavour. Crafted with care, this marinade is a harmonious blend of premium ingredients, designed to elevate your meats, vegetables, and more with the classic and irresistible combination of salt and pepper.


As you unscrew the cap, the aroma of freshly ground black pepper and the subtle hint of sea salt greet your senses, promising a culinary journey that celebrates the essence of simplicity. The Raps Salt and Pepper Marinade is a testament to the belief that sometimes, the most exquisite flavours come from the purest ingredients.


This marinade is not just a condiment; it's a culinary muse for your kitchen creations. Its versatility shines through, enhancing the natural flavors of your chosen ingredients while adding a perfect balance of seasoning. Whether you're preparing a succulent steak, grilled vegetables, or marinating chicken for a barbecue, this marinade is your secret weapon for achieving a taste that is both sophisticated and familiar.


The convenient packaging of our Raps Salt and Pepper Marinade ensures that you have the perfect amount at your fingertips for all your culinary adventures. The pourable consistency makes it easy to coat your ingredients evenly, allowing the flavours to permeate and infuse every bite with a delightful symphony of salt and pepper goodness.

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