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Machine Film Wrap 4500 x 1500mm 14Micron

Machine Film Wrap 4500 x 1500mm 14Micron


Our cling film is our best cling film, with superior characteristics for the food trade.

It has been specifically designed for optimising the presentation of food in over wrapped trays.

The range has the highest stretch capability of our cling film range, enabling it to provide a wrinkle free presentation, even after being handled several times.

It has excellent anti fog properties, remaining crystal clear, even over longer storage periods for the best product presentation.

Key Features
Superior Elasticity
Highest elasticity of our cling film range, improving product presentation, even when stretched over meat products.

High Anti Tear Properties
The co-extruded construction gives the film the best anti tear properties, making it easy to use, and improving presentation

Special Memory Effect
Maintaining the best presentation, even when the product had been handled several times.

Best Anti Fog
Maintaining shelf life, preserving organoleptic properties, and keeping your products looking great.

Best Optical Clarity
The range is the clearest cling film in our range, optimising your products visual appeal.




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