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100 x Blue Vinyl Gloves Powdered

100 x Blue Vinyl Gloves Powdered


High tensile strength, non-sterile, lightly powdered, blue vinyl disposable gloves for single purpose use. Ambidextrous with beaded cuff. Available in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.

What are vinyl gloves used for?

Vinyl gloves are excellent for use in food preparation, cleaning and maintenance tasks due to protective and robust qualities. The gloves help to protect against bacteria, harmful chemicals and allergic reactions. Vinyl gloves tend to be more comfortable and loose-fitting than other types of disposable gloves, meaning they can be worn for extended periods of time with limited issues.

Why do some disposable gloves have powder in them?

The powder that you see with some disposable gloves is in fact corn starch that is used to make the gloves easier to put on, and remove from your hands. Cornstarch also aids in soaking-up liquids which makes it ideal for use within a busy kitchen.

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