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100 x Blue Vinyl Gloves Powder Free

100 x Blue Vinyl Gloves Powder Free



    Powder free and ambidextrous, this pack of 100 blue vinyl gloves  help you to maintain a hygienic food preparation environment by reducing the risk of cross contamination between different food types.

    Featuring a beaded cuff, the gloves can be thrown away after use to ensure you maintain the highest level of hygiene at all times, ideal for commercial and domestic kitchens, as well as care home and cleaning roles.

    Available in sizes Small to Extra Large.

    Why use powder free gloves?

    Powder-free gloves are essential for reducing the risk of tainted ingredients. These gloves are constructed with a treating process that exposes them to a chlorine solution, to then be rinsed with water and dried - ensuring excellent quality with each glove. The non-form fitting design allows for easy donning and removal of the gloves, without impacting your products.

    What are vinyl gloves used for?

    Vinyl gloves offer superior durability to rips, overstretching and punctures that provides long-lasting protection. The gloves aid in preventing injury or illness via exposure to cleaning chemicals or during food preparation tasks - where limiting the risk of cross-contamination is a priority.

    What are disposable gloves used for?

    Using disposable gloves is extremely important within the hospitality and catering industries. Disposing of gloves after they have been used for food preparation or cleaning tasks helps to reduce the risk of contamination from harmful bacteria. Disposable gloves allow you to maximise hygiene by using fresh equipment for each task.

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