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Packaging Supplies

Butchers Packaging - counter bags boxed and poly wrapped, vacuum pouches, HT catering sacks, poly bags, counter sheets, butchers wrap, finoplas, plastissue, HD sheets, counter paper wrap, paper tray lining sheets, 1lb meat sleeves, over-wrapping films.


Paper Bags - brown kraft paper bags, white paper bags, greaseproof/scotchban white paper bags, baguette bags, film front paper bags


Paper Carriers - small, medium, large and extra large tape handle brown kraft paper carriers, small, medium, large & extra large white tape handle carriers, small, medium, large & extra large brown twist handle carriers, small, medium, large & extra large white twist handle carriers.


Take-Away Coffee Cups & Lids - all sizes of takeaway coffee cups in a variety of styles.


Take-Away Cutlery - disposable knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons, chips forks all available in plastic or wooden.


ECO and Degradable Packaging - degradable coffee cups and lids, degradable takeaway food containers, degradable carrier bags
napkins and serviettes.


Hot Food Bags - chicken bags, lined hot food bags.

Sheeted Paper - silicone greaseproof paper, imitation greaseproof paper, scan greaseproof paper, acid-free tissue paper, baking parchment, cut greaseproof sheets, peach meat saver paper, white news off-cut.


Vest Carrier Bags - all sizes of vest carrier bags in a variety of colours and thicknesses, degradable carrier bags available in a variety of colours and thicknesses.

Pie Foils - huge range of pie foils including oval, plate, custard and large square catering foils.

Foil & Film Rolls - 300mm & 450mm catering cling film, 300mm & 450mm catering foil, 300mm & 450mm wrap master film and foil refills.


Bags On A Roll - clear poly bags on a roll, HT bags on a roll, 4kg know bags on a roll, mini-grip poly bags, all film BOPP bags, wicketed film bags


Take Away Food Packaging - polystyrene clam style lidded food boxes, sandwich wedges, baguette boxes, salad containers, microwave boxes, cake boxes, Swedish trays, paper plates, polystyrene plates

Industrial Packaging - pallet wrap, pallet toppers, pallet edges, plastic pallet strapping, tape, tape guns

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