Est 1993

Our History

1993: Select is founded in Bridlington East Yorkshire by Mark.


1993-1996: A business connection is made with Hull-based ingredients blending company. Mark works alongside butchers, bakers and food processors to create a range of sausage & burger mixes, seasonings, pie gravy mixes, bacon cures and much more.


1996: The product range grows and branches into other food trade ingredients including lards, fats, sausage casings and flavour glazes.


1997: Mark pursues the idea of creating a ‘one-stop’ food sundries company and sources a reliable group of packaging and cleaning product manufacturers. This then allows him to offer a complete range of sundries at competitive prices.


Why Select Sundries?

We're Reliable.

We know how important your sundries are to your business and we constantly try our best to hold good stock levels, this allows us to be a reliable source for all your needs.

Competitive Pricing.

We understand how important it is to keep sundries cost down and we continually keep an eye on our prices to remain competitive with larger companies.

Quality Products.

We believe that selling low-quality products is a false economy, we have never and will never sacrifice the quality of our products in search for more profit.

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You're a Person, Not a Number.

We are a personal, face to face business and pride ourselves on knowing not only the products that we supply but the people that we do business with.

Award Winning.

A number of our food trade sundries have helped create award-winning products.



“We've been using Mark for over 15 years and Jordan is carrying on his Dad's great love of customer care and loyalty. Pleasure to work with.”

- Scotts Butcher's.

Our Services

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