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Cleaning Products

Disposables - gloves, aprons, hair nets, black sacks.


Paper Products - jumbo blue rolls, mini jumbo rolls, toilet paper sheets, toilet rolls, jumbo toilet rolls.


Bleaches - strong bleaches, thick bleaches, standard bleaches, small bleach bottles.


Food Grade Sanitizers - bactericidal detergents, BSEN1276 sanitisers and refills, kitchen surface cleaners and refills Washing Up Liquids.

Detergents - strong detergents, standard detergents, food grade detergents.


De-Greasers - HD degreasers, floor de-greasers, surface de-greasers.


De-Odourisers - bin cleaner/de-odouriser, air fresheners, shake n vac.


Disinfectants - floral disinfectant, pine disinfectant, lemon disinfectant.


Mops etc -  Kentucky style mop heads, push on and exel style mop heads, mop buckets,


Cloths - stockinette, j cloths.


Brushes & squeegees.

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