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Product list

Butchers and Bakers

Rusk - Pinhead rusk, medium rusk, extra fine rusk, bread rusk.


Flour - pie flour, self-raising flour.

Lard - Italian strutto brozzi lard 12.5kg and 25kg

Shortening - supreme shortening.


Dried Herbs - An extensive range which includes - sage, marjoram, parsley, chives, mint etc.

Dried Spices - An extensive range which includes - black pepper, white pepper, nutmeg, mace etc.

Other Dried Ingredients - An extensive range which includes - jalapeno flakes, chilli flakes, kibbled onion, leek flake, apple dice.

Sausage Roll Mixes - Traditional sausage roll mix, Lincolnshire sausage roll mix.

Cornish Pasty Mix.

Pork Pie Seasonings - Dalton's pork pie seasoning, special pork pie seasoning, five-star pork pie seasoning, seven-star pork pie seasoning.

Pork Pie Jelly - Flava-jel pork pie jelly.

Pie Glaze - Peter’s g glaze.

Stuffing Mixes - sage & onion, apple, mustard & herb, parsley, lemon & thyme, chestnut, cranberry.

Sausage Seasonings - strong pork, gold pork, white rose, spicy nicy, Lincolnshire, Cumberland and many more Sausage Mixes - Cumberland, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Toulouse, welsh dragon, smoked chilli & paprika and many more.

Burger Mixes - burger 80 mix, burger 80 mix tinted, American burger,

New York burger smoked chill & paprika.


Gluten Free Range - sausage mixes, burger mixes.


Arthur Pipkins Range:


Arthur Pipkins Sausage Mixes - premium pork, Cumberland, Lincolnshire, pork & apple, pork & leek, cracked black pepper, basil & sun-dried tomato, honey & mustard, ginger & spring onion, toffee apple, chorizo, pork, chilli & coconut, orange & lemon, pork, hickory & chipotle, fennel, garlic & chilli, pepper, rosemary & thyme.


Arthur Pipkins Burger Mixes - cracked black pepper & red onion, chilli & coriander, spicy lamb chicken chilli & lime.


Meat Glazes:

MRC Glazes - chinese, mint, Cajun, garlic butter, hot & spicy, Italian, lemon pepper coater, pepper steak coater, piri piri, rosemary & garlic, smokey bbq, sticky maple, sweet chilli & lime, tandoori, tikka masala, kofta kebab, aromatic thai.


Pureety Glazes - Chinese, American pepper steak, garden mint, garlic butter, hot & spicy (kickin’ chilli), lemon pepper crumb coater, Piri Piri, rosemary, garlic and mint, spicy salt n pepper, sticky bbq, tangy sweet chilli, tikka tandoor.


Marinades & Sauces:


Raps Marinades - Click the 'RAPS' link at the top of the page to view the range.


Verstegan Marinades & Sauces- Click the 'Verstergan' link at the top of the page to view the range ).


Frozen Products


Pukka pastry, various other frozen pastry rolls and sheets, frozen pies & pasties, frozen confectionary


Butchers and food trade essentials:


Victorinox knives, sharpening steels, saws, saw blades, hooks, mincer blades, mincer plates, sausage machine nozzles, stringing needles, twine, coloured twine, aprons, trilbys, chain mail gloves,

Food Trade Sundries

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